Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow : We are never in the NOW

There are countless people in the world that share the same characteristics. To plan. Whether its planning your social calendar for the month, or planning each step in your career.  

I can honestly say, I am absolutely guilty of planning. Mapping out each step in my mind and what the possible outcomes are. If there are undesirable outcomes, or if it cannot be done properly I reserve myself from making that decision or doing something improperly.

And truth be told – this is sometimes no fun! This could be keeping me away from amazing experiences and lifes lessons. As my sister in law taught me, each moment is about MAKING MEMORIES. So even though life does require a level of planning and some what of logical decisions, I have this saying on repeat in mind. “MAKING MEMORIES” Of course my precious nephew and niece are my constant reminders that we are always making memories and should cherish each moment. They also teach me how beautiful it is to be absolutely transparent (kids do say the darnest things)

Here’s a highlight of a great topic a friend and fellow blogger and I recently discussed check her and her remarkable proudly South African art work out

Anxious much?

Our continuous mind rambling, that sucks away at our time, happiness and productivity of the now and the constant: Worries of past and anxiety of the future. Why do we do this to ourselves?

You are here now, but you constantly thinking of the future… What’s happening tonight, what to do for dinner, organising the weekends plans… trying to fit in a gym session as you feel guilty for missing the last two weeks. But how much time do we actually focus on the present? Probably about 40% *SHOCKING*

Our own minds don’t let us focus. We feel a power that we are needed at work, we think that we feel in control. So we maximise how ‘busy’ we are, for self-worth and value. *A tad sad I say, yet we still do it.

So do we feel proud of always saying, I’m so busy and I don’t have time? Often to find ourselves merely looking forward to weekend and a holiday? The phrase “oh I can’t wait for Friday”, yet it is  repeated all week?!* what is that purpose? #WTF

Kids are an amazing reminder of boundless energy, energy we once had, energy we wish we had. They have this immense energy from having  no worries about the past and anxiety of the future.

New focuses on MAKING MEMORIES and trying to be present. Sometimes there are more important things in the now to focus on, our future will always be approaching. We don’t have to over analyse it now. Will it benefit me right now? Probably not, I’m gona schedule to provide a solution tomorrow at 08:00. Mind shift. Done.