DIY Succulent Table gifts

This year has been an extremely eventful one, from getting married, moving to a new place, gaining a whole new family and learning to become a good partner and wife in life.

That is quite a handful, a side from all my usual side line activities. As we all know, getting married comes along with many a party. Engagement. Bridal shower. Bachelorette. Pre Wedding functions; I am Hindu, thus a wedding takes an army and about a week, so about three pre functions, the actual wedding and then another three post wedding functions oh yes and of course some recovery time.

If I get to stray from the topic for a second and indulge, it truly is the best time in ones life. It is immensely hectic, yes I agree, a lot of planning, a lot of saving and spending! Yet you get to enjoy the beautiful functions with your absolute nearest and dearest!

So after about ten months of planning, we immersed ourselves in the festivities. Once it is over, it went from absolute madness to downtime.

The following month, my dad was turning the big 6-0, hence I was excited to get it another party project (naturally with the calm after the storm). My dad described in keywords is: hardworking, ever lasting, persistent, cars and plants plants plants. Truth be told, my parents house is surrounded by countless greens (there is house among it all, I am sure of it!)

As a family we decided to do an understated dinner with some family to celebrate his birthday, close to the beach. I thought, what could I do to make this just a little bit more special for my dad. A man of few words, but has worked so hard for his family. And Succulents was the answer!!

I got together with my helpful friend, who has suppliers all over the country and within three days, various forms of tiny delicate succulents were delivered to my door step. I paired the succulents with tiny tin barrels, decorated with stones and bark, and adorned it with a simple note on a stick reading “He turned his Can’t into Cans and his Dreams into plans” to commemorate dads success and celebrate his birthday.

Ofcourse the gifts to match were outdone by the fam bam and all celebrated with food, our usual companion.

Heres how I did it.

DIY Succulents Gifts

Shopping list:

– Succulents plants from your nursery or online supplier.

– Potting soil, specifically for succulents.

– Rough sand and stone mix.

– Tiny white pebbles and bark to decorate.

– Tiny tin barrels/ pots whatever your choice to plant them in.

– I added a printed note stuck on a skewer stick to make it more personal (optional).

photo4 (2)

  1. First I added part potting soil and part sand and stone mix to fill the barrel, leaving some room for decorating.
  2. Then a made a hole in the centre of the sand, to plant my delicate succulent. Ensure the roots are well planted in the soil.
  3. Then add some water to keep it moist.
  4. I did 30 pots in about an hour. I tried to leave the soil loose because succulents can drown if they’re packed in tightly with no room to drain, which is also why more rocky/sandy soil is best.
  5. There are so many beautiful ways you can decorate with these. I used tiny white pebbles and some pieces of bark for an organic feel.

My handy assistant (the hubby) assisted as we spread out putting the succulents together on a beautiful hotel floor, the morning before the party.


Succulents are the felines of the plant world. They require very little maintenance, are exceptionally resilient, and they are just SO DARN PRETTY. I read up on succulent care, and the main points seemed to be: Water less, Good sunlight and Well draining soil that’s it!

photo2 (2)

One of the most amazing things about succulents is how easily they propagate. It is so easy to increase your succulent garden by merely taking off leaves from your plants and putting them out on a damp soil to grow. It is easy and so much fun to see the tiny new plants growing.


Happy Planting!

– M


‘Rather charming my Dear’ Decorating for two

Whether you are shacking up your bestie or a convenient random , decorating for two comes along with numerous aces and ploys.

A couple of friends of mine are moving in together soon and as we brain stormed over pinterests flawlessly chic light fitting ideas, I oooooggggled at the piles of gorgeous fresh linen, pots in boxes and chic colour schemes flushed through my head (particularly soft teal and copious amounts of crisp white).

 I found myself mentally redecorating room after room and reminiscing the past 7 years of my life rooming with my ‘boetie’ , after which I recently trailed off into the distance to wed my bestie (we still have some boxes lurking at us at night). Through it all, I have picked up on a few tips that make living together ‘rather charming my dear’ than atrocious.

House mates and even the best of friends catch themselves arguing about girl VS boy habitual antics; toilet seat up or down, toothpaste splatters and for goodness sake replace the empty toilet roll! or who is going to wash the dishes that night. Thus it is advisable to swot the person you are living with and comprehend their mannerisms – as some of them can be compromised and others will turn you blue in the face for the number of times you have to repeat the same thing *blankstare *slapface over and over again.

Picking your battles means they will pick theirs too.


Slim to none two people have the exact same taste in décor, style and ambiance. So making some ‘home ground’ so speak means GET ON THE SAME PAGE. If you cant seem to agree on design in a communal space, agree to disagree and go neutral with personal elements of each personals pizazz. You will always have your own room to tackie-fie. Make your expectations known. Non comprisable items need to be discussed upfront. Head on, before you progress any further.

DESIGNATE AREAS for each person to be the design head. That way you can work your magic, by blending both styles into one.

That being said. Keeping it SIMPLE will always remain the winner, low maintenance for shared spaces is courteous and not tedious for other house guests.

BE A GOOD ROOMIE, whether is cooking a home cooked meal (or grabbing some Great take out if your skills are average behind the stove) or doing a load of washing, it shows your vigorous involvement within a home. Your roomie will love you for it!

No doubt there will be plenty of sacrifices made in the shared spaces like the living room, dining room, and kitchen. So if you feel hushed creatively, let your personal style sheen through in your bedroom. Right now, its your space to embrace, your character and you can feed your soul.

Once you move in with your hubby / wife, this will no longer apply (bye bye, chic mademoiselle bedding and 100 face products on display…)

– M