40cm for Cansa

40cm for Cansa

Just a quick trip down memory lain… Over a year ago, I had been dabbling with the idea of cutting my hair short. I sat for hours pinteresting the cutest short hair cuts and probing my boyfriend (at the time) for some input. Not suprsingly, he egged me on and told me to go all pixie because it will be so hot and referenced all the beautiful celebrities that rock the frock. Especially the Gorge Keira Knightly.

None the less I approached a new salon, at which the stylist was horrified and refused to cut my lengthy locks. Still contemplating, I returned home with a mere trim yet still some lovely head of hair!

Two months later and to my absolute surprise my hubby popped the question! Eeeek  amazing news, and the celebrations began. If  you know a thing about Indian culture, it is that long hair is worshiped, especially on your wedding day. However there are many a way to get around this with extensions and plaits.


I knit picked my hubby for egging me on to cut a pixie style, mean while he was planning the proposal!

A few months ago I had injured my ankle (that which is still attempting to heal) and had been taken in for surgery for a short hospital stay. I was reminded of all those suffering and decided that was it, I am going to chop off my locks for a Good Cause and did my research!

“Cancer patients often undergo chemotherapy. Hair loss can occur when chemotherapy drugs travel throughout the body to kill cancer cells and some of these drugs damage hair follicles, causing the hair to fall out. Hair loss is a common side-effect of chemotherapy treatment.”

I have lengthy hair, want to cut it and help those in need. So cutting my hair for Cansa seemed like a great cause!

So off I went, cast, crutches and all!

photo (3)

It was an absolutely amazing day spent at GaryRom Brooklyn. I had met my hair stylist soul mate Anja and it was pure bliss!

Here’s how it ALL happened:








 photo 1



 photo 3

Want to get involved and do the same?

Here is what you need to know for Human hair Donations:

  • “Ponytail donation that is 25 cm or longer.
  • Hair should be clean and dry.
  • All hair whether dyed or treated is acceptable. We are not able to use dreadlocks.
  • When cutting the hair, please bind both ends with an elastic band and place in a zip-lock bag (this preserves it in the best condition while being transported to the wig manufacturer).
  • Send your hair donation in a plastic bag with your name and contact details on it.”

I delivered my hair to the following address on Mandela day, and they were absolutely thrilled! They said that there are very few people that donate human hair to make wigs.

CANSA Tipuana Care Home:

32 Lys Street, Rietfontein, 0084

P.O. Box 275, Pretoria, 0001

Tel: 012-329 3036


I found my own way to give back in an uncommon manner and have loved it!

– M












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