Easy Peasy Cake Pops Recipe

Cake Pops

This is one of the most party friendly eats I have ever made. It looks absolutely beautiful, tastes amazing and everyone will be swooning you to make more. Here’s one of the easiest recipes I have used.



1 x standard cake recipe (which ever flavour you prefer) you could even use a box mix if you prefer

250g buttercream icing

500g baking chocolate – either chop finely or use pre-made discs for quick melting

Cake pop sticks

Polystyrene block/ cake pop stand

Decorative sprinkles


  1. Cook the cake as per the recipe.
  2. Crumble the cake in a large mixing bowl (use a fork or your fingers) – you should not see any large pieces of cake.
  3. Now add 250g of your buttercream icing and mix thoroughly.
  4. The mixture needs to be moist enough for you to roll into balls – aim for a size a fair bit smaller than a golf ball. The balls should hold their shape.
  5. Place the balls on wax paper and place into the freezer for 10-15 minutes – we want them to be firm but not frozen to make it easier for dipping.
  6. Now melt the chocolate in a double boiler .
  7. Take a few cake balls out the freezer at a time so we keep the remaining ones firm until we work with them.
  8. Dip the tip of the lollipop stick into the chocolate, now insert it about halfway through the cake ball.
  9. Support the cake ball with a teaspoon spoon, dip the ball in the chocolate until completely covered and then remove it. Make sure the chocolate meets the base of the lollipop as this will help the cake ball stay in place once the chocolate coating has set. If there is excess coating, just gently rotate the cake pop and tap off any extra coating.
  10. Stick the cake pops into a polystyrene block or cake pop stand and decorate quickly before the chocolate dries.

Serve and enjoy!!

PS I served mine in a basket, and poked the cake pop sticks into a polystyrene ball and decorated.

Since I first tried this recipe a few years ago, many handy kits have been created to assist this process as well as help you present them beautifully. Such as cake pop tins, mixes, stands and much more. This can be found at many baking stores and large wholesalers.

Happy baking!

– M



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