What brought this blog about?

As we grow into our own, from our teenage years, varsity wild sides and we begin to settle down into our career paths, it all would seem like the usual progression, wouldn’t it? But what happens when you are just unsure of where the rest of your life lies? Are you okay with just doing anything or are you driven to what sets your soul on fire?

Many people take on a variety of career paths, some that are conventional and some not, some intentional and others accidental. At a young age, we are queued into cherry-picking subjects to study at school and courses to select at Varsity, constantly pondering … what do I want to be when I grow up?

So we narrow down the options to what am I good at and what do I enjoy, from the handpicked possibilities presented to us.

Some of us may not enjoy the method of the Education system presented per Institution, yet pick up our books, hard graft (with the parties in between), hoping its all normal and that we will figure it out along the way.

So now at 25, I can say, I have progressed through several jobs, experienced horrific and amazing managers, enjoy what I do for a living, am successful, passionate and driven… but is it enough? Is it enough just to be ‘busy working’ all day and all night? Does that make us feel commendable or worthwhile? Do long hours or high levels of stress make us feel accomplished?

Recently I participated in a survey, (because I couldn’t say no, and wanted to help a colleague out). I was posed with the question, “what drives you to wake up in the morning?” Well at first I thought.. hmmm sometimes I struggle to get out of bed, “does that mean I don’t like my job, is it just because its winter…where am I going with my life…” Panic. Breathe. Then I paused my frantic thoughts for a second and said, “I am thrilled at the fact that I can help people, I provide people opportunities, careers, not just jobs and the satisfaction that THEY were chosen to pursue this as their life long passion and that in turn allowed them to deal with universal financial pressures.”

Well if you haven’t guessed, I work in Human Resources. Now you know why I am asking so many questions. Human Resources are well known for being bad mouthed.

Some people say HR only exists for one reason, and that is to prevent lawsuits. Left to focus on compliance, human resources departments are seen as little more than police, something that annoys just about everyone.

A company’s most valuable asset is people. Business professionals know that. Of course, human resources must understand that, especially since it is the basis of their existence.

I will continue to explore the many avenues life has to offer. I sure hope you will enjoy my journey with me.


– M